The Tribunal is currently accepting submissions.

Please send your submission to –

Submission Guidelines:

Your statement should be no longer than 1500 words and concern facts known or experienced by you.

1. Expert/professional statements should identify with precision the area of expertise and in statements should distinguish between evidence of facts (properly sourced) and expressions of expert opinion.


2. People who have been incarcerated in China:
a. Circumstances of the arrest – When, where and how? If there was a court process and if so what was the judgement about. One para;
b. Prison conditions – one para;
c. Any torture? If so, how and detail if any reason was given (providing examples) – one or two para;
d. Any knowledge of blood testing/ other physical tests – detail in one or two para;
e. Anything else you witnessed related to forced organ harvesting;
f. You may add a short sentence about your ethnic background and practice/ profession.


3. If you have knowledge of any cases of transplant tourism to China, or forced organ harvesting in China, please indicate the source of your information and the details disclosed to you as to the circumstances of such transplant; the name of the hospital involved and any further information regarding such transplant.









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