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China harvesting organs from Falun Gong detainees, tribunal claims – Independent (2019-06-19)

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British government ‘ignored’ Chinese organ harvesting, Tribunal rules – The Telegraph (2019-06-19)

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Organ Harvesting Tribunal 2019 – Bitter Winter (2019-04-23)

Evidence to contradict “substantial” forced organ harvesting from prisoners in China is lacking, tribunal hears – BMJ (2019-04-16)

Call for UK to ban patients travelling to China for ‘organ tourism’ – Guardian (2019-04-01)

Campaigners warn of China butchering political prisoners for their organs – Express (2019-03-31)

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NTDTV  (2018-12-09)

The Independent Tribunal Into Forced Organ Harvesting In China Begins Its Work In London – Forbes (2018-12-09)

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