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Submissions from witnesses who appeared before the China Tribunal for the December 2018 Hearings:

George Karimi

Jacob Lavee, M.D. letter

Jacob Lavee, M.D. statement

Jintao Liu

Matthew Robertson

Huang Guohua

Feng Hollis

Dai Ying

Zhang Yanhua

Dr David Matas

Dr Huige Li

Li Lin Lin

Enver Tohti

Jiang Li

Han Yu

Yu Xinhui


Prof Wendy Rogers_Witness statement

Prof Wendy Rogers_Email_06062018

Prof Wendy Rogers_Appendix to witness statement

Omer Bekari

Edward McMillan-Scott: Persecution of Falun Gong by the Beijing Regime

Ethan Gutmann

Cook-Freedom House – Organ Transplant Abuse letter 11.20.2018

Clive Ansley Submission Report

COHRC SubmissionCover Letter COHRC DavidLi

COHRC Independent Tribunal Statement of Facts & Application to Law 2018-11-28

Abduweli Ayup

Submissions from witnesses who appeared before the China Tribunal for the April 2019 Hearings:

Yukiharu Takahashi, Submission Japan

Yukiharu Takahashi, Japanese Situation (prepared by Yukari Werrell)

David Kilgour

Kim Hyun Chul Korea

Mihrigul Tursun

Gulbahar Jelilova

Dr Torsten Trey – Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting. (DAFOH)

Prof Maria Fiatarone Singh, MD, FRACP

Prof Maria Fiatarone Singh CV 2018

Additional Statement to the China Tribunal
(David Matas, Ethan Gutmann, David Kilgour April 7, 2019)

HRLF Yiyang Xia 01 – Letter to Independent Tribunal

HRLF Yiyang Xia 02 – Exhibit B – Jiang Zemin

HRLF Yiyang Xia 03 – Exhibit C-EP Hearing

HRLF Yiyang Xia 05 – Exhibit E-Zhang Jingrong v Chinese AntiCult World Alliance

Dr James Shapiro

Dr Charles Lee

Wang Chunying

Yu Jing

Lijuan Tang

Zhen Zeng (Jennifer)

Yang Jinhua




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